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Bash scripts, functions, aliases.
How to run command or code in parallel in bash shell.

Check the correctness of your Bash scripts online and offline with 'shellcheck'.

Function/alias to snap create an executable bash script with the Vim editor.

10 Tools To Add Some Spice To Your UNIX Shell Scripts.

Alias-function to transform a plain text file into a full formatted html one with Vim.

Aliases to set the brightness level of the keyboard backlight in ASUS laptops.

Two useful Vim related functions to put in the bash_aliases file.

Delete a pending printing job.

Delete files older than a specific date.

[02/08/2017] +++
Russian Roulette.

[26/07/2017] +++
11 ´Avconv´ Commands to Record, Convert and Extract Videos & Audios from Linux Terminal.

[20/06/2017] +++
Download an entire website with a single command line.

[12/06/2017] +++
Repeat a Unix command every x seconds forever.

[10/06/2017] +++
Few images manipulating commands. Require ImageMagick package.

[09/06/2017] +++
Most popular shell commands.

[29/05/2017] +++
Convert single digit to double digits.

[28/05/2017] +++
Put an image over another one from the command line with Image Magick.

[28/05/2017] +++
Trim off borders of images from command line with Image Magick.

[25/05/2017] +++
5 'chattr' Commands to Make Important Files IMMUTABLE (Unchangeable).

[25/05/2017] +++
Bash one line conditional statement.

[18/05/2017] +++
Bash command that allows to go up to a certain directory.

[18/05/2017] +++
Drive and partition backups with dd.

[17/05/2017] +++
Running command directly, skip alias or function which has the same name.

[14/05/2017] +++
How to Backup or Clone Partitions Using 'cat' Command.

[12/05/2017] +++
Rename .JPG to .jpg recursively.

[11/05/2017] +++
Seven one-liners to manage PDF documents.

[10/05/2017] +++
Jump to a directory, execute a command and jump back to current dir.

[04/05/2017] +++
Sort the maxdepth-1 directories by largest first using human readable output.

[03/05/2017] +++
Save man-page as pdf.

[02/05/2017] +++
Simulate terminal stream text output as in movies.

[29/04/2017] +++
Command to know the top 6 directories consuming out ur home directory space.

[27/04/2017] +++
Go to the Nth line of a text file.

[23/04/2017] +++
Oneliner to get one-line info about all /bin programs.

[22/04/2017] +++
Oneliner to move contents of the current directory to the parent directory, then remove current directory.

[13/04/2017] +++
Syntyax to redirect error and output messages to /dev/null

[24/03/2017] +++
One-liners to manage pdf documents

[23/03/2017] +++
ARECORD To register audio files with computer mic and play them with APLAY from the command line.

[22/03/2017] +++
Download online videos from command line with YouTube-DL.

[21/03/2017] +++
Use the Terminal as a Blackboard in Unix/Linux.

[09/09/2017] +++
Install Ubuntu-LINUX on an ASUS laptop from usb stick.

[14/06/2017] +++
Don't create new users with 'useradd' in Debian. Use 'adduser' instead.

[20/05/2017] +++
To what purpose is /etc/profile.d there?

[10/04/2017] +++
Pemanently remove (special) folders from the home directory in Debian/Ubuntu

[23/03/2017] +++
Directories that tends to become fat...

[23/03/2017] +++
The /etc/rcS.d directory in Debian.

[25/05/2017] +++
[Warning, be careful!] A DESTRUCTIVE command to render a drive unbootable.

[22/05/2017] +++
Force the keyboard backlight to stay turned off on an ASUS laptop.

[21/05/2017] +++
See the contents of your MBR.

[10/04/2017] +++
How to use the keyboard as a mouse.

[12/12/2017] +++
8 Commands To Find Out Wireless Network Speed, Signal Strength And Other Information.

[28/04/2017] +++
How to kill a TCP connection using netstat.

[24/04/2017] +++
How To Find My Public IP Address From Command Line.

[21/03/2017] +++

[07/06/2017] +++
Clear the 'run' command history in MATE.

[13/04/2017] +++
Set as random the Firefox browser homepage.

VIM editor
[19/08/2017] +++
Permanently Changing Your Graphical Vim Font.

[29/06/2017] +++
"Vims" - Use full-blown vim commands in place of sed.

[01/05/2017] +++
How to set the default gvim colorscheme.

[24/03/2017] +++
Some useful Vim editor commands.