Linux Bookmarks

Play music from command line with Sox package
Multimediakeys with .Xmodmap HOWTO
How to write a script to “listen” to battery status...

--- Network ---
18 commands to monitor network bandwidth on Linux
How to kill a TCP connection using netstat
Netcat – a couple of useful examples

--- CD&DVD burnings ---
Howto: Linux write (burn) data to DVD or DVD/RW
Blu-ray Disc DVDrw for Linux
How To Burn ISO Image via Command Line with Wodim in Ubuntu
DVD writing using growisofs

--- Video files manipulating vith avconv ---
11 ‘Avconv’ Commands to Record, Convert and Extract Videos & Audios from Linux Terminal
Trim Videos with the Command Line Using AVConv
Remove audio stream from a media file
Rotate video by 180 degrees with avconv
How To Extract Images from a Video with avconv on Linux
Converting an Mpeg video into an animated gif; Converting a bunch of images into a video